Hello lovelies!


I’m Jessica.

I am a young lady who lives in the mid-west with my very fat, but happy corgi and a very hyper, but sweet schnoodle (he’s not really mine, but I love him just the same). Oh yeah, there’s the boyfriend too. He’s pretty awesome.

I am quiet and awkward in most situations, but that’s okay. I hear it gives me personality. Also, I have the humor of a five-year old, as well as certain behaviors of one. (I squeal in delight every time I see a squirrel.)

I am currently working hard to find a career doing something with my anthropology degree. To keep sane during this long journey, I rely on my love of sewing, reading, photography, movie watching, and exploring. To top it all off, one of my very favorite animals is the three-toed sloth.

I hope this blog will be a fun, interesting, and insightful adventure!



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