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Of Mice and Sloths

20 Jun

One day, upon perusing Pinterest, I came across a pair of Marc Jacobs flats that were made to look like little mice.  I am quite the fan of small furry rodents and shoes, so the combination was just mind blowing. You have no idea how much these shoes needed to be on my feet! The issue, however, was the price tag. I am not the wealthiest lady in all the land, and I most definitely could not afford to spend $200 on a pair of shoes. This was wear my love of all things crafty came in!

As you can see, I needed these shoes so much that I made them myself. It was super simple. I bought a pair of $5 fabric flats, cut out the shapes for the noses and ears, sewed them on, and used my Gem Magic to put on the metal eyes. For the ears, I actually sewed two pieces of fabric together to get a fuller, less frayed looking ear. The original nose I sewed on was much wider. I cut down though, because (according to my most valued critic-the boyfriend) it made my mouse shoes look more like pig shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I adore pigs as well, but it wasn’t what I was going for with these shoes.

I am super proud of how they turned out, and I am pretty sure these will be on my feet at all times, regardless of what outfit I’m wearing. I love them so much, I’m considering making another pair with a different animal face.

Speaking of cute things, just look at this face!

How can anyone resist the adorable little face of a sloth! Not me that’s for sure, so it was lucky that while visiting the Cincinnati Zoo, I was there at exactly the right time. I got to pet this little gal! Let me tell you, my all-time favorite animal is the sloth (two-toed or three-toed, they are both equally awesome), so getting to pet this sweet little two-toed sloth was a dream come true.

P.S. This pretty little sloth ended up at the zoo, because a person thought she would make a good pet, but then could not handle her. She was lucky that the zoo could provide a nice home for her, but other wild animals are not so lucky. Please, please do not keep wild animals as pets. Trust me, they would prefer to be in their habitat and not yours.

P.P.S. Is my photography getting better? I’m working on taking better photos as well as utilizing Photoshop. I hope it shows!