The Skirt That Time Forgot

25 Jan

So, a little fact about me. I have a tendency to make things and then never wear them. I made this skirt somewhere in the vicinity of two months ago using a tutorial from Gertie’s blog for better sewing,, and this is the first time I’ve worn it. I think I get postpartum depression with some of the garments I make. I will go through all of the effort to make something I think will turn out great, and what do you know, as soon as it is complete, I instantly dislike it before even taking it for a test run. It’s a good thing I get over this, even if it takes several months time; otherwise, this snazzy little skirt would never see the light of day!

P.S. If you love sewing and blogs about sewing, you should go check out Gertie’s blog. It’s fabulous!

P.P.S Eventually, I will learn to take photos during the day, when there is good lighting readily available!

Also, I vow to try my best to actually iron my clothes before posting photos of them.




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